Interaction Within Media & Online Campaigns

This week i will be evaluating online campaigns, as well as the ethics of online media.

An increasing trend seen within modern businesses is the need for customer interaction with brand campaigns. Whereas in the past, companies would focus on increasing ‘click’ rates which drive traffic to a sight, now the focus has changed to increase customer interaction. A perfect tool for this customer interaction is social media. With Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (B2B), customers can now communicate effectively with companies, and the communication is two-way.

A key concept of this interaction is transparency within business. Now more than ever companies strive for transparency, as it gives the customers more confidence in the company and are therefor more likely to desire its product or service. “Less information means less certainty for investors” (McClure, 2010).

This graphic demonstrates how Apple strive for transparency.

This graphic demonstrates how Apple strive for transparency.

The need for social interaction with customers is clear, as businesses that have gone through crisis’ often manage to perform effective damage control using social media tools. The fast paced nature of social media is key in this damage control. Companies such as Domino’s Pizza (who went through a public crisis in 2009 due to unhygienic pizza’s being delivered to customers) use social media sites such as YouTube to perform a press release that customers worldwide can view.

Domino’s Pizza Respond To Food Crisis


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