Online and Offline Brand Campaign Effectiveness

Top Brands of 2012

Top Brands of 2012

This week I will be focusing on online and offline brand communication effectiveness.

Branding creates an image, attached to an emotion, carried in the consciousness of people’s minds. This image and emotion need to be positive and memorable, as the positive association makes customers loyal. (karmasnack, 2013).

The recent boom in emerging digital technologies is changing the way businesses communicate their brands to consumers. Transparency within business is now playing a major part in how companies perform their campaigns.

Online marketing campaigns often focus on optimize ‘click’ rates, which are designed to drive traffic to a site. With the increasing variety of platforms on offer, and the increase in ways in which these technologies are used (swiping and pinching on smartphones) it is now becoming apparent that click rates alone are not enough. Companies are increasingly investing in new and innovative ways of gaining customer engagement, and interaction with sites is now a desirable effect from a businesses point of view (Facebook Studio, 2012).
This interactive element to online advertising is being used by many high profile brands. My favourite example is the ‘Behind The Scenes With McDonalds’ YouTube campaign, which allows customers to ask questions about the food or brand, which are then answered in video form. This shows transparency throughout the company, and helps to not alienate the customers.


Social Media is now being used by large organisations in order to improve their transparency and communication with customers.

This graphic shows where which part of a Facebook page customers view when browsing on a company page.

This graphic shows where which part of a Facebook page customers view when browsing on a company page.

"most memorable and effective TV campaigns of the past year have been created by online brands, which is further proof of TV's healthy commercial relationship with the internet". (mediaweek, 2010). Synergy between online and offline brand campaigns is often needed in order for brands to become a recognisable household name.


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