Brand effectiveness within the new media landscape

This week i will be discussing growing brand awareness, enhancing brand image and reputation, and developing brand loyalty levels.

Web 4.0


This graphic shows the evolution of the web, demonstrating where it is in it’s current form (somewhere around Web 3.0, with Web 4.0 fast approaching) and where it will be in the future.

The concept of Web 4.0 is centered around “technology and human becoming one” (pcworld, 2008) and the basic idea is that consumers will be able to communicate directly with the Web, and the Web will communicate back. Examples of this idea being put to use are becoming more apparent in our society, with the introduction of Siri for Apple phones in 2011, users are now able to have a two-way conversation directly with their phones. Web 4.0 is still in its infancy, with Siri often experiencing unverifiable problems without properly explaining the problem (Hollington, 2013).

Persuasion Model of Influence.

This graphic shows one model of persuasion within advertising.

This graphic shows one model of persuasion within advertising.

It is widely held by both practitioners and academics that advertising works best by
delivering a unique persuasive informational message (Heath, 2007). Persuasion is viewed by marketers as the first step towards gaining customer action and retention, a process which is key to conducting business. It is key for businesses to persuade their customers that the product or service they provide will improve the life of the customer.


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