The Role of PR and it’s Relationship with Branding

Today I will be discussing the role of public relations, in particular its relationship with branding and the use of digital media.

This graphic shows synergy and integration between PR and Social Media

This graphic shows synergy and integration between PR and Social Media

‘Every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success’ (cipr, 2013). The book entitled ‘The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR’ reads “You cant launch a new brand with advertising because advertising has no credibility. It’s the self serving voice of a company anxious to make a sale… PR has credibility. Advertising does not” (Ries & Ries, 2002). Although slightly outdated, this statement still carries some weight. Ultimately, PR is about reputation and understanding. It is an effective way of having a ‘conversation’ with a customer, whether that customer is a consumer or an organisation.
With Facebook reaching 1.06 billion users (Smith, 2013), and over 800 million unique monthly visitors to YouTube (YouTube Statistics, 2013), it makes sense that businesses are looking to utilize social media in an effort to communicate quickly and effectively with the public.

PR and Social Media

A great example of a brand combining social media with PR stunt was the 2012 Red Bull stunt, entitled Red Bull Stratos. This involved the daredevil Felix Baumgartner breaking the sound barrier after skydiving from a balloon 128,100ft in the air (Amos, 2012). He reached a maximum velocity of 833.9 mph, as well as breaking the record for the highest ever free-fall jump. This is a great example of how the stunt was directly communicated to the target audience. The YouTube clip of the event has hit over 33,000,000 views, and reached over 8,000,000 live views, breaking the YouTube record (BBC, 2012). This stunt directly promotes Red Bulls slogan of “Red Bull Give You Wings”, as well as promoting the companies public image as being a direct promoter and sponsor of a variety of extreme sports.


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