E-Commerce and Mobile Advertising

This week I will be discussing online transactions and M-commerce, along with mobile marketing.

The digital media landscape is quickly changing, and the ways in which shoppers purchase products is now adapting to these changes. M-commerce is a relatively new term, which can be defined as ‘the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication’ (mashable, 2013).


Currently in the UK 62% of the population now own a smartphone, with 49% of them using the device for online shopping and purchasing (mintel, 2012). This has led to a large increase in the amount of ‘m-commerce’ which smartphone generate, which has subsequently led to an increased spend in mobile marketing. ‘The growth in mobile commerce is now coming from mainstream consumers. It is no longer restricted to early adopters of mobile technologies’ (Barnett, 2012).

‘Brands have been urged to “wake up” and ensure their websites are mobile-ready or face losing billions in sales as new research funds consumer demand for mobile optimised sites is set to rocket next year’ (O’Reilly, 2012).

Companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many others have been creating mobile friendly versions of their websites, in order to maximise visits. This trend of ‘mobile websites’ is proving to be a huge success, and are the second most ‘appealing’ technology, just behind “the mobile wallet” (O’Reilly, 2012).

Companies have also created apps specifically designed for use on mobile phones and tablets. The Facebook app is a good example, as it uses a different version of the website in order to make it more appealing to mobile users.

Facebook Mobile App

Regular Facebook Timeline







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