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Which types of firms are using marketing analytics? B2B-Services companies report the lowest levels (31.4%), followed by B2C-Services (36.9%) and B2B-Product companies (37.2%). B2C-product companies dominate this metric (45.3%). Companies with 10% or more of their sales coming from the internet use marketing analytics to drive 46.3% of their decisions, while companies with less than 10% use marketing analytics only 34% of the time. (Moorman, 2012)

Just as mobile is changing the media and advertising landscape, it’s wreaking havoc on retail as well. Showrooming — the phenomenon in which consumers visit a store and then use their phones to buy items they see on Amazon — is becoming a major headache.

Yet there are other ways that m-commerce is reshaping the retail landscape. The mobilization of shopping also will mean big trouble for smaller retailers, but it presents some new opportunities as well.

A new report by IDC highlights that apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Pandora are beating mobile ad networks in grabbing new ad revenue, a trend the research group failed to predict in its last report. Ad revenues are still a tiny fragment of overall mobile revenues however. (Dilger, 2013).

Kony 2012, was the biggest viral campaign of 2012. The ease in which it transferred over various social media was incredible, allowing for millions of viewers to hear the message each day.

Achieving viral spread is the dream of every online marketer eager to capture global interest. That dream has certainly been brought to reality by Invisible Children’s Kony 2012/Stop Kony campaign. (Frith, 2012).


~ by jeffreyalcock on April 18, 2013.

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